dher-5, dhrei-d-

dher-5, dhrei-d-
    dher-5, dhrei-d-
    English meaning: to defecate
    Deutsche Übersetzung: “Unrat, cacüre”
    Note: (whether related to dher-1 “muddy residuum “ and dher-4?)
    Material: Lat. foria pl. “diarrhea” (by Varro of pigs), foriō, -īre “defecate”; Gk. δαρδαίνει μολύνει (*dhr̥-d-) Hes., after Fick KZ. 44, 339 Macedonian, either from θαρ- θ- with fractured reduplication or from θαρ-δ- with the same formant -d- as the i-extension dhr-ei-d-; very dubious; Lith. der-k-iù der̃kti “ soil with feculence, defecate “. maybe truncated Alb. (*der̃kti) dhjet, dhjes “ defecate “ : Alb. derth (*der-k-) “ release semen, pour “ [common Alb. -k- > -th-, -g- > -dh- phonetic mutation] dhr-ei-d-: O.N. drīta (dreit), O.E. drītan, M.Du. N.Ger. drīten, O.H.G. trīzan “ defecate “, o-grade O.N. dreita “make defecate”, zero grade M.Eng. nEng. dirt (from *drit), O.Ice. drit, Flem. drits, trets “ filth, faeces “, Westfäl. driǝt “ scared shitless, the defecated “; Russ. dial. dristátь “ have diarrhea”, Bulg. drískam, dríštъ “have diarrhea”, Serb. drískati, dríćkati, Cz. dřístati ds. (Slav. *drisk-, *drist- from *dhreid-sk-, -(s)t-, Berneker 224).
    References: WP. I 861 f., WH. I 527 f.

Proto-Indo-European etymological dictionary. 2015.

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